Weed Control

Norse’s experienced staff are fully trained, licensed and insured to advise on and apply weed control on hard surfaces and in turf.

Our operatives are licenced to remove and control listed noxious weeds including Japanese knotweed and to apply long-lasting, industrial strength products via both back-pack and vehicle mounted sprayers.

Hard Surfaces

Weed control on hard surfaces such as pathways, road edges, car parks, concrete areas, play grounds etc needs special care, particularly if they are near water courses or drainage systems.

‘Run off’ of chemical controls can have very adverse effects of wild life and the environment, which means that applying the correct mix and using the most appropriate spray equipment is essential.

Gravel Areas

Norse can offer a comprehensive range of weed control services including control on gravel surfaces, where absorption into the underlying ground has to be taken into account when selecting the most suitable treatment.