Sports Field Maintenance

Sports fields need to look and be at their best and need particular attention in and out of playing seasons alike.

Sports field maintenance services from Norse Grounds Division will help ensure that the facilities appearance and condition enhance the playing experience of both participants and spectators.


Scarification removes thatch and dead grass from the fine turf surfaces used on sports fields, improving drainage and root growth. Norse has a range of tractor-mounted and pedestrian scarifiers which can be used on all types of grass / sports fields / pitches.


Norse offers a range of soil aeration methods including slitting, spiking, tinning and hollow coring. These mechanical treatments greatly improve drainage, relieve the soil compaction that is a constant problem with sports fields, and encourage the root growth that is essential for a healthy sward of grass.


Sports fields often need a ‘faster’ surface and the smoothing out of uneven surfaces, improvements that can be achieved by correct professional rolling.

Norse Grounds Division has a fleet of rollers to suit all field types and conditions, and a schedule of rolling will be part of a planned maintenance programme that will be drawn up to make sure your facility is best prepared for its purpose.


Sports fields and pitches really benefit from verti-draining, which reduces water logging and compaction as well as improving root development and soil structure. Verti- draining can be an effective technique for carrying out deep aeration to help revive turf after a hard winter. Using a range of the latest equipment Norse has equipment to adapt to all different pitch sizes.