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Specialist Services

Specialist Sports Installation

Norse are able to supply and install specialist sport equipment that include football and rugby posts, cricket wickets, long jump and cricket batting ends. Please call 01362 869930 for more information on sports equipment supply. Sports pitch maintenance, grass, Astro Turf and all-weather pitches Line marking, for all sports pitches, special events and playground markings.

  • Erect/dismantle goal post
  • Verti-draining and spiking


Sports fields and pitches really benefit from verti-draining, which reduces water logging and compaction as well as improving root development and soil structure. Verti- draining can be an effective technique to carry out deep aeration to help revive turf after a hard winter. Using a range of the latest equipment Norse has equipment to adapt to all different pitch sizes.

Application of Selective Herbicide for Weed Control in Turf

Unwanted weeds can affect the playing surface on sports turf and the appearance of other grass areas.

In addition to total weed control for hard and gravel surfaces, which kills a lot of other vegetation as well, Norse offers a herbicide application service that is safe on turf as it is ‘selective’ about the plants it targets.

Installation of Land Drains

Where water logging, or potential water logging, is a problem Norse can help by installing ‘collector’ land drains.

The company also installs land drains that act as ‘dispersal’ systems for use with the likes of septic tank installations.

In either situation, Norse can carry out the necessary surveys and supply and install the appropriate equipment.