Grounds Advisory Service

Environmental Areas

Willow frames provide a cost-effective green environment to study and play in and around; wildflower meadows encourage bees and butterflies and provide a colourful alternative to lawn areas; pond areas provide wonderful opportunities to learn about the world of aquatic creatures.

Norse can help you design and develop areas where the natural world is encouraged to thrive, and where people can learn about the cycle of life, natural habitats and other environmental issues.

Tree Surgery/Tree Inspections

The benefits of trees are widely recognised and Norse can provide a comprehensive tree policy for your site, including routine inspections, investigation of any dead, diseased or damaged trees and fully qualified tree surgeons to carry out necessary work.

If relevant bodies need to be checked with for Tree Preservation orders (TPOs) or any legislative restrictions Norse can carry out those requirements on your behalf. Norse is also a first port of call for storm damage, which will be dealt with efficiently through a 24 hour call out arrangement.