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Norse Grounds | News | Winter lawn Preparation


Winter lawn Preparation

September 2015

In this first of a series of blogs Mark Wyatt, Business Development Manager at Norse Grounds Division looks at what needs to be done to ensure a healthy lawn next year.


Early October is the time when we start winter preparation maintenance on lawns, with scarifying being the main task. If you have a moss issue then we would advise an application of lawn sand, preferably just before a rain shower. This will kill the moss enabling our scarifyer to complete its task efficiently.


Ensure your grass is cut to a shorter length before we attempt to scarify. This enables the tines/blades of the machine to penetrate the top half inch of the turf, removing as much dead grass/thatch as possible, usually making 2 or 3 passes at different angles to achieve maximum removal and level the surface.


Spiking is always a good treatment for lawns at this time of the year. For those with small domestic lawns this can be done using a garden fork pushed in 4 to 6 inches, spacing the holes about the same distance apart. When Norse is asked to spike large lawns or amenity grass we use a powered spiker for maximum efficiency.


With any patches of lawn which are looking threadbare, now is the time to spread some grass seed along with some Top Dressing, a sand and soil mix which we brush in to the holes following spiking.


A light Autumn/Winter slow release fertiliser is also advisable.  This will feed the roots which are needed for a strong lawn in the coming season.


It doesn’t hurt to cut grass occasionally over the winter period and we set our mower up to cut high, so just the tips of the leaves are removed.


This maintenance will help ensure that you have a healthy and good looking lawn next season.


To receive regular grounds maintenance reminders or advice by email, please send an email to mark.wyatt@ncsgrp.co.uk putting ‘Add me to your blog list’ in the subject line.